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 Forum Rules.

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Forum Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules.   Forum Rules. Empty10th August 2012, 2:46 am


1. Respect all members of the board Members of any rank in the forum are to be given the same amount of respect. Rudeness of any kind (provocative behavior, insulting posts, baiting, personal attacking) is not tolerated unless it has been classed as harmless. Please remind that there are also younger members on the board, so please understand that they will not always take things the same way an older member would. Summarized? Be nice. Sanctions will be in order otherwise.

2. Use appropriate language and English only Unless done for a meaningful or appropriate humorous effect, no MSN or Text messaging posts. This comes down to using the English language and the English language only. Any other language that will be randomly posted without any notifications about whatsoever, will result into a warning. Inappropriate use of slurs and offensive terms is prohibited. Swearing is allowed but limited. Overuse will not be appreciated.

3. There will not be any kind of spam, trolling, advertising or scamming. Spam will be removed by the staff and the member that caused it will be dealt with via PM. Trolls will be warned and or banned, meaning that immediate bans can be dealt without prior warnings. Linking to a relevant site is allowed and so is using your signature to promote a personal site or item. Full topics created to promote other websites, purchasable items, “free I-pads” or any other kind of spam, are not allowed. Topics to promote other websites are not allowed unless there is verification with the staff, or there is a direct link to the forum and the community, and it is a topic everyone should be aware about. Any link to pornography, sales or any of this sort of websites can be resulted in immediate ban.

4. Civilized conversations are mandatory

While arguing or debating with a fellow member, remain cool-headed. Be aware of what you say. You have the freedom to say what you want, but not to be an insulting asshole. Respect your fellow member’s point of view no matter the topic. The forum Staff holds right to remove any offensive content without notice.

5. No topics will be made existing out of bitching about personal problems. Clockworks is a respectful guild and not a place to complain about your life and your issues. Don’t use this place to talk on the forum about things that are of non-concern of its members. Criticizing the forum however is allowed, but is requested in the Questions and Suggestions sub forum.

6. Posts will be created in the right section of the board

The title speaks enough. Posts that are out of the right section of the board will be moved towards the right section and multiple offences will have the member warned by PM.

7. You won’t create multiple accounts Multiple accounts on one IP address are only allowed for members who have siblings in the same household who are both on the forum. You are to inform the staff about this beforehand though. If you are caught with more than one account, immediate ban will be resulted as such.

8. Mini modding is prohibited If a member breaks a rule, please report them to the moderators of staff. They are given the task to take care of the situation. Not you. If you take situation in your own hands, possibilities are you will be sanctioned. Continuous use of mini modding a member that happens to make a lot of mistakes will be downsized to spam, and will lead to warnings, and eventually ban from the website. 9. Common sense

Everyone has it, and therefore this shouldn’t even be a rule. But everyone once in a while people start forgetting the concept of common sense. Remember that most problems can be solved by abiding the rules and applying common sense where the rules are not covered.

10. Watch out with gravedigging.

Posts older than a month are not allowed to post in any more. Unless there is an update by the poster, these threads will be prohibited to post in. You can always view threads, but if you have a question about a similar subject or you don’t fully understand the content of the topic, you will create a new topic.

The Rules are open to additions at all times by the Clockworks Staff without any notice.

Thank you for reading, and have fun on the forums.
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Forum Rules.
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